How to Write a Short Story | Step by Step

How to Write a Great Short Story in One Hour

This step by step guide will help you write an awesome short story – fast and easy. You will learn how to write a story outline, how to make your main character interesting, and how to captivate your audience. Unleash your brilliant storytelling skills!

How to write a great short story in three easy steps:



Which kind of conflict do you want to write about?

• Person vs. Person

• Person vs. Self

• Person vs. Society

• Person vs. Nature

Write a story outline.

Do you want to learn to write a great story outline?

Watch this video, or scroll down.


Now just write the story you have planned. Don’t think about the details. Just get the story written.


Check if the scenes and sentences can be refined and improved.

Correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

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How to Write a Story Outline

This model will help you plan your story:

The Hero

The hero must be a character with which the reader can identify.

The Hero Wants Something

The adventure starts – the hero is in his safe and well-known home environment but a shortcoming or a mission forces the hero to consider embarking on an adventure.

The Hero Departures

This is when the hero embarks on an adventure and starts to get help from advisers and friends.

The Hero Listens to Advisers

This stage shows how the hero receives advice from her/his advisers and friends – and based on their guidance starts to realize how she/he shall solve the problem, and reach his/her goal.

The Hero Tries to Solve the Problem

The hero becomes more knowledgeable and well-oriented and limits the options on how to solve her or his problem. She/he is becoming increasingly clear on how to solve the problem.

But it gets worse and worse …

The Peripeteia | The Hero Fights the Hardest Battle

This is the critical phase. At the turning point of the story (peripeteia), the tension intensifies. Will the hero manage to overcome the overwhelming obstacle, or defeat the terrible enemy? Fighting for her/his life the hero realizes that she/he is more resourceful than she/he knew!

The Hero Succeeds

After overcoming the most difficult obstacle, the hero must take advantage of his/her victory.

The Hero Returns Home

As the story nears its end, the hero returns home to her/his normal life.

The Hero Has Gained New Insights

Overcoming the obstacles, the hero has gained new knowledge and insights.

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FREEBIES | Free video courses. And free access to my resource library!

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