Improve Your Copywriting Skills Now

Improve Your Copywriting Skills Now

Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Advanced Copywriting Made Easy

Hi, I’m Cecilia Elise from Inventicity Marketing Agency. I have made a framework for you which I call the Inventicity framework. It will help you improve your copywriting skills. Even if you’re not an experienced copywriter this will help you to write great texts to promote your products.

When you write to sell, then you must tell how you can improve your customers’ lives and you must be very clear. The text must be very easy to quickly understand. You must be transparent. If the customer – if your audience – feel that you are trying to manipulate them they will leave.

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You must be transparent about the benefits of your product. Don’t promise too much. If you have a great product which you know will help improve a lot of people’s lives then you feel so positive and happy about it that that positivity and happiness shine through in your copywriting and marketing. That will help a lot. I have made a worksheet for you which will help you write a great email or a great ad or even maybe a great blog post – a promotional blog post.

What you have first is, of course, the headline. The headline is very important because with the headline you grab your audience’s attention. If you don’t have a great headline then they won’t even read the rest. But you don’t have to write the headline first. I suggest that you start with your customers’ problems. Make clear that you understand your audience’s problems and that you know how to solve them. Tell your audience how your product will help improve their lives, and how it will solve their problems. Be very clear and precise.

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There is beauty in precision. In almost everything we do – in engineering, in writing, in art … and copywriting is no exception – there is a beauty in itself in precision. And what’s most important is that if your writing is precise your audience quickly understands exactly how your product will their problem, and exactly how to use your product. And there is a much greater chance that they will buy your product.

So first you have the headline, and then you tell the audience that you understand their problem, inform them on exactly how your product will solve their problem. And lastly, we have what is almost … which is probably the most important part of your email or your ad and that is the call to action.

Tell the audience how to take action. I suggest that you do this in steps. In three or four or five steps. The first step can be to buy your product or maybe to download your freebie. The second step should be an easy instruction on how to use your product.The third step will be about what your audience’s lives will be like when they are using your product or when they have used your product.

Yeah, so this was the first lesson in my video course about copywriting. I look forward to seeing you in the next video. See ya! bye!

© Cecilia Elise Wallin

FREEBIES | Free video courses. And free access to my resource library!

Improve your copywriting Skills
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