How Great Entrepreneurs Think Radically Differently

How to Think Radically Differently

The topic for today’s video is how great entrepreneurs think radically differently. The only way to be genuinely successful – in your own eyes – and in the world in the long run, is to be genuinely inventive.

How to think radically differently.

Hi, and welcome to Inventicity, the channel where we combine inventiveness with felicity. The topic for today’s video is how to think – and why to think – radically differently. We see in this world today so many copycats. We see so much of the same. Not only in education. Not only in entrepreneurship, but almost everywhere people strive to copy each other, to copy the most influential writers, to copy the most influential inventors. But that is not the way to succeed. The best writers, the best philosophers, the best inventors – they have one characteristic in common and that is that they are able – they were able and are able –  to think radically differently.

Break the Rules Mindfully

So some people say that in education of younger children and at university for today’s world we shall not educate like we did during the industrial revolution. Today we should educate kids and people and university students who are able to really think and to cooperate and collaborate and to build companies and to help society in this modern age. But I think – I’m convinced ­­– that to be able to break the rules, to be able to think really differently, you must know what has been produced before.

You must learn to follow the rules to be able to break them. You must learn about history of course, you must learn of course … you must learn a lot of facts … of course you must devote a lot of time to rote learning in school. In primary school and even at university you must study and learn what has been accomplished previously. But the goal must be to – as an entrepreneur –  a write –  anything you do today when you are in the workforce, or when you are an entrepreneur, or when you have your own company –  then what you must do to really be able to help your fellow humans and to help improve society is to be really genuinely inventive and to be able to think completely differently from the  thoughts and the inventions that have been made before.

Withstand the Opposition

The only way to be genuinely inventive in your own honest eyes and in the eyes of the world in the long run is to come up with ideas and inventions which are surprisingly new and often opposed to the general established practice. So when you want to do something really helpful for all people and for yourself then you must be a strong person who can withstand the pressure from the outside world when you are inventing ideas which oppose what has previously been considered the best practice – or has previously been considered as the true way of doing it –  the correct way of doing it. And that is equivalent to having fun.

Have Fun When You Invent New Ideas

We genuinely feel joy – when we are following the path we can see within us – when we see great solutions to problems not being solved previously – then we feel genuine joy. So being successful – the way to being successful is to have fun realizing your own new unique ideas and you must be a strong person to do that because a lot of people will oppose to what you’re trying to do when you are inventing something new – when you are thinking completely differently from the previous truths – from the previous inventions then it will for certain be questioned.

The Best Way to Spend Your Time

And if you have a strong belief in your own ideas, if you can see how your idea can be realized in the future then it won’t matter what the people around you think, it won’t matter what people think of you, because you know that the idea you have – the invention you have – will be fun to realize and it will be helpful for people in the future. So in my opinion that’s the best way of living for all humans – to be genuinely inventive – to come up with ideas in different aspects of life – and that is something we should cherish and something we should approve in each other But that is not … Often that’s not what it is like today – and we have seen how inventors in different sectors have struggled a lot.

But really successful people don’t care what people around them think – they don’t care what impression they give – because they get so much joy in their own vision, in their own ideas, and that’s what I suggest you do. Thank you for watching and you’re welcome to subscribe to Inventicity –  the channel where we combine inventiveness and felicity! See you in the next video, bye.

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how successful people think  differently

How Great Entrepreneurs Think Radically Differently

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