Sales Copy Made Easy Copywriting Tips for Beginners

Sales Copy Made Easy | Copywriting Tips for Beginners

The Art of Writing Short Sentences

Sales Copy Made Easy

Sales Copywriting Made Easy | We all know that simplicity is key when writing good sales copy. Simplicity, clarity, and precision. That’s what we have to apply when we want to write great sales copy – and not only in sales copy. In modern journalism in modern articles, in YouTube videos, we have to use short sentences. Because people have a shorter attention span.

It is almost always best to be precise and use short sentences. If you can be laconic and condense what you want to say into short sentences you will save your audience a lot of time. It takes more time for you to write a short text, to be laconic and precise. But you save your audience a lot of time.

Brevity is the Soul of Great Sales Copy

So be brief. Write short sentences. And that is most important – that is tremendously important –j when you write sales copy. Because people are often distracted when they read emails from you, and when they read on your website. It must be very easy to understand your message. It must be very easy to understand what you are trying to communicate. And what you are selling. And how your product will benefit your customer. So write short sentences.

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How to Write Great Sales Copy Fast

And how to do this? Well, I use the old fashioned method. First I just jot down what I want to say. The sentences might not be complete, they might be long, they might be not so clear. And then I rewrite it – and rewrite it –  and I also read the text aloud to see if it flows, and if it has a good rhythm. So the art of writing short sentences is the art of giving your text time to mature. If you clearly understand what you want to say then it’s easy for you to find the right words – the most precise words – and to write short sentences. And to get your message through in a short period of time. Thank you for watching this video about how to write great sales copy. See you in the next video.

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Sales copy Made Easy Copywriting Tips
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